Godly Girl Power:
10 week study on Ephesians

Because Christianity that requires courage instead of Christianity that demands comfort calls to us stand in the strength that only God can provide.

When faced with a battle, we can be tempted to put on the armor of the world, to fight with the world’s battle plans. We try to take the reins of life, fighting our way to take power the world provides to fix things. During past battles, we learned those old coping mechanisms for survival, mechanisms like manipulation, control, self-reliance, seeking power from people, people pleasing, performance, anger, and unforgiveness. These are just some of the worldly ways we sought to find power from external sources when we felt powerless.

 But now we belong to Jesus, the Shepherd, and overseer of our souls. He invites us to receive his power by standing in his mighty strength (1 Peter 2:18–25). 

Uncover God's unlimited strength and encounter the life-changing effects of God's Word in this 10-week Bible study on the book of Ephesians.    

Each week you will:    

  • Gain depth and breath to your study of God’s Word by walking through the entire book of Ephesians using the Nourish Bible Study Method.

  • Be encouraged with a weekly devotion created just for women.

  • Find inspiration to live the truth with a weekly audio message centered around the weekly nourish scripture.

  • Enhance what you are learning with a weekly teaching video from Aliene.




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